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Sex Guide 
About Clitoral Stimulation Vibes
The Clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina. Most men do not pay extra attention to please this tiny bud. The clitoris is the woman's pleasure center. Most women reach orgasm by playing with the clitoris rather than direct penile penetration. Located at the top front of the vulva, the extra sensitive clitoris swells upon arousal, becomes hard and can produce an orgasm.
Fun Fact for Clitoris Lovers
The clitoris is the only organ in the body whose only purpose for existing between a woman's legs is for pleasure.
Clitoris Vibrators
Most vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation. They are specially designed toys created to stimulate and arouse the clitoris. Oral Pleasure sucks the clitoris inside a vibrating tube and simulates oral stimulation! The Mini Tongue imitates the sensation of stimulation by tongue against the clitoris. It softly provides consistent and tireless tongue stimulation upon demand. The Impulse Micro Butterfly is ideally placed on top of the clitoris, but still allowing a vibrator or an actual penis inserted in the vagina while experiencing direct clitoral stimulation.

Unlike common beliefs, there are topical gels out in the market that it's purpose is to be applied directly to the clitoral area only. Liquid V - Concentrated Women's Clitoral Stimulant Gel was specifically developed to increase sensitivity to the clitoris and enhance women's orgasm. The feeling is similar to a non-burning "icy-hot" type feeling. When skin is against the affected area, the sensation is warm and tingly, increasing bloodflow and therefore increasing sensation at the same time. When air hits it, the sensation immediately changes to that of an ice cube run across the skin, cold and refreshing! Hot Motion Lotion also increases the heat sensitivity of the clitoris and the entire vulva area, but this time when blown upon. It is sweet to the taste and fun to lick.
Eggs & Bullets
One of the best Clitoral Stimulation Toys are the Eggs & Bullets. The Eggs & Bullets are mostly the women's first choice in clitoral pleasure toys. Sometimes called a love bullet these small vibrating eggs vibrates intensely against the clitoris and will provide the most delicious clitoral orgasms. Traditional vibrating eggs or bullets are not designed for insertion but many manufacturers today are coming out with models that maybe inserted inside a woman's vagina. Keep in mind that the wires on these toys are not sturdy enough to withstand constant pulling. One tip you can do is to slip your bullet into a condom before inserting the toy inside your vagina. After pleasure play, tug and gently pull the toy out by the condom's end and not by the wire. Special Hands free egg devices are wonderful addition to you and your partner's lovemaking. Slip your toy into your panty or place the toy against your clitoris. Your toy is pleasuring your clitoris while your partner's penis is deliciously penetrating you. The vibrating action against your clitoris and your partner's penis will surely bring you both into pleasure heaven.
Educational Sex DVD Movies
Sinclair Institute - Incredible Orgasms
Sinclair Institute - An Erotic Guide to Better Orgasms
Adam & Eve - Nina Hartley's Making Love to Women
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Heart's Desire Teaser
Heart's Desire Teaser

Impulse Micro Butterfly
Impulse Micro Butterfly

LELO Mia II Personal Lipstick Massager
LELO Mia II Personal Lipstick Massager

The Tongue II
The Tongue II


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