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Sex Guide 
Sex Toys & Lubricants will do the Trick...Quick!
Every relationship reaches a plateau. Your sex life losses it's spice after being together for a long time. Keeping the passion in your bedroom saves your relationship over all. If you are doing the same techniques over and over again, you loose the edge of being aroused. It is just sex and no longer great sex. Ever heard of this phase..."I wish it will be over so we all can go to sleep."
Here are some helpful suggestions
A little help from a sex toy will save the day and will kick your sex performance a notch.
Tastefully Explicit Adult Movie...How to pick XXX DVD
The anticipation of seeing a couple engaged in a sex act will raise both your desires. Both you and your partner will get hot and aroused upon seeing an adult movie. The first question to ask yourselves is how explicit you want your adult movie to be. Then choose the studio that fits your taste. For heterosexual couples, we recommend Vivid Studio, Jill Kelly Productions, Adam & Eve, Wicked, Vca Interactive and some Digital Playground and Digital Sin titles. Studio A delivers adult movies with the most beautiful girls with a fetish theme. This studio is a good choice for you and your lover's fetish fantasy. Ninn Worx is a studio that will bring both of you satisfaction. Enjoy Ninn Worx movies with their intense electric music, exceptional camera play, unique fantasy rooms and of course more beautiful girls. For the adventurous sex connoisseurs we offer various studios. Evil Angel is for the voyeuristic person out there. Anabolic, Diabolic, Red Light District are jack off, gonzo and hardcore format movies. These movies are targeted for self help moments. Print quality is exceptional but not a movie to see while trying to get aroused for a night of romantic lovemaking. Once a title interests you, click on the image. You will be able to view the back and the front covers of the DVD or Video cover. Take your time and see if it fits your taste, some movies can be too hardcore for couples. Make sure it is both to your liking.
Sexual Lubricants & Oils
Lubricant is the best solution for quick & moist touch. Applying lubricant on your partner's genitals will get him or her hot fast. Most lubricants have some additional ingredients that can arouse and even increase you and your partner's sensations. The best selling lubricants are the Astroglide and iLube Lubricants. Water based lubricants feel like an actual person's lubrication. Add flavor to your sexplay and choose flavored lubricants. It comes in a variety of tastes, such as Cappuccino, Banana, Bubblegum, Strawberry and many more. These types of lubricants are best used when giving oral sex on a man or a woman. The taste adds to the playfulness of the moment. Hot Motion Lotion lubricant is enticing. Pour some of Hot Motion Lotion on your partner then blow. It heats up when blown, rubbed or licked upon.
Sex Toys
Pleasure for Two
Choosing a sex toy that both you and your partner will enjoy is an easy and fun thing to talk about. Discuss your preference, would you like your partner to use the toy with or without your help? One of the best couple toys are the vibrating cock rings. Cock rings delay a man's ejaculation when it is placed on the root of an erect penis. Vibrating cock rings are available in the market. This kind of cock ring adds pleasure by making your partners’ penis vibrate like a vibrator. Other models have strategically placed bullets to stimulate the clitoris while the penis is penetrating the vagina. This triple function will make the sex act longer and much more pleasurable. Your man doesn't need to penetrate at all times to bring pleasure to his woman. When lying in a missionary position, make sure you are as close as you can. You can get almost the same effect if you will hold a bullet or plastic vibrator on the clit or touching the penis while penetrating.
Pleasure for Her
Clit stimulation and penetration toys are designed to be placed on top of the clitoral area while being penetrated during lovemaking. Use these toys during doggy style and missionary position love moments. It's a great addition during anal sex play too. The ultra soft Cyberskin Butterfly of Love Clit Climaxer has virtual touch for the ultimate comfort for you and your partner. The Impulse Micro Butterfly features an adjustable, comfortable leg and waist straps that are ideal to use while you and your partner are making love, the straps are almost unnoticeable and will not be hindering his penetration.

Shunga Toko Lubricant - Natural Contact
Shunga Toko Lubricant - Natural Contact

Shunga Toko Aroma Lubricant - Blazing Cherry
Shunga Toko Aroma Lubricant - Blazing Cherry

Wet Synergy Cool Tingle Lube 9.9oz
Wet Synergy Cool Tingle Lube 9.9oz

Wet Synergy Water & Silicone Lube 9.9oz
Wet Synergy Water & Silicone Lube 9.9oz


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