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Sex Guide 
A Guide For Cleaning & Maintenance - Extend Your Sex Toys Life
Now You have picked your toy!
It is only natural that you would like to take care of that little something that brings you joy. This guide will help you take care of your new friend. Instructions & suggestions on how to clean your toy before and after use, maintenance too. This will ensure a long lasting and clean relationship between you and your toy.

• CyberSkin
Cyberskin is one of the most life like feeling material out in the market today. It is made from a combination of silicone and plastic that simulates the softness of skin. It is smooth, soft and flexible. It is porous just like latex and jelly so it must be cleaned carefully with soap and warm water or with a Cyberskin cleaning solution. It is important that you do not immerse a Cyberskin toy in water. Make sure the toy is completely dry before storage and keep it away from direct sunlight.

UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3.0)
UR3 material was developed to feel like real skin. And they have succeeded it looks and feels very similar to real skin. It is smooth, soft and flexible almost just like Cyberskin. Compared to other lifelike material it is probably the easiest to clean and care for. Wash your UR3 toy with mild soap and warm water then towel dry with a soft towel do not use paper towel. Small, loose paper towel materials are sometimes left on the surface of the UR3. Allow to completely dry before storage. We suggest that you apply manufacturer supplied powder to maintain the suppleness of your toy's texture. Keep your toy out of direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the material and color to fade.

Futurotic Material
Futurotic is a close clone of real skin. It is smooth, soft, and so flexible! This porous material can be cleaned with hot water and a damp cloth with a mild soap. Allow to dry completely before storage. Do not immerse in water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or strong soaps. Keep its softness and life-like feel by sprinkling with cornstarch or talc. Most Futurotic toys come with a complimentary vial of talc. Store in a clean place, away from sunlight. It is better to separate storage between your Futurotic toys & rubber so they won’t stick together.

Plastic sex toys generally have hard, perfectly smooth exteriors and are inflexible. Cleaning is easy - all you need is a wet washcloth with mild soap and some sex toy cleaner to wipe the toy off. Most plastic vibrators are not waterproof unless specified. Avoid washing them directly under running water.

It is an extremely strong, high quality material that is very easy to clean. Hot water and soap are the only requirements to clean this toy. Silicone is such a high quality material that non-mechanical silicone toys can actually be boiled or run through the dishwasher! Silicone is non-porous too. Because of its non porous nature it is less likely than latex and jelly to allow bacteria to grow. Condoms are essential to partners who share a dildo, but if you don't, silicone might be the least likely to trap and spread germs. Using a silicone dildo lessens the risk of spreading germs between users.

The best way to clean jelly dildos is with warm water. A bit of soap and water will work, but will not sterilize the surface. It might be a good idea to pick up some cleaner specifically designed for sex toys. The porous nature of jelly makes it harder to remove germs from the surface, but a good sex toy cleaner will kill any bacteria and leave a clean, fresh scent. Never use rubbing alcohol to clean jelly. Jelly will degrade if it is exposed to a non-water based lubricant or rubbing alcohol.

Most dildos are made from Latex. Latex is a low cost alternative to silicone and jelly. It is more porous and does not last as long as a silicone or jelly toy. A solution of mild soap and warm water is sufficient enough to clean a latex toy.

Glass dildos are the easiest to clean. Aside from basic washing with warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap, you can place it in a dishwasher and it is still safe. We do recommend that you are careful about the type of soap you use. If you experience any type of reaction, discontinue the use of any soap/s and rinse the glass toy thoroughly with warm water only before continuing to use your glass toy.

Acrylic dildos are often very beautiful since the visual properties of acrylic is similar to glass, transparent and pretty it is a form of special plastic that can easily scratch and dull. Since the cool look and transparency is one of the best things about acrylic sex toys it is best that you never clean your acrylic toy with rubbing alcohol. Alcohol causes the acrylic material to develop cracks and dullness thus loosing its pretty appearance. But because of its toughness you will not damage the entire toy. The easiest and best way to clean an acrylic sex toy is to wash it in warm water and mild soap. Dry with a soft cloth not with paper towels because paper towels can still cause a scratch. Lastly, store your acrylic toy in something soft or in a cloth pouch to protect it from scratches and curious fingers.

Sextoys made of metal is not common, but they are out there. Metal and plastic dildos are very similar. Both are hard and have smooth surface exteriors. Both are easy to clean and maintain. Care and maintenance method is almost the same as a plastic toy. You may also use a soft cloth soaked in alcohol to clean and disinfect your metal toy.

EvoLved Misting Smart Cleaner
EvoLved Misting Smart Cleaner

Fleshwash Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner for Fleshlights
Fleshwash Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner for Fleshlights

UR3 Refresh Powder
UR3 Refresh Powder

Sinclair Select Toy Cleaner 4oz
Sinclair Select Toy Cleaner 4oz


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