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On Sale Tristan Taormino's To Advanced Anal Sex (2011)
Tristan Taormino's To Advanced Anal Sex Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Sex ed for a new generation!
Vivid-Ed believes that adults have the right to expert information on their bodies, relationships and sexuality. The imprints movies are sex-positive and are meant to inspire viewers to explore, experiment and deepen the intimacy of relationships. Vivid-Ed strives to present material in an intelligent, accessible style thats sexy, entertaining and fun. It's movies offer useful information and explicit techniques taught by experts, demonstrated by enthusiastic performers and presented with refreshing sensuality.

On Sale Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody (2011) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody Studio: Vivid
On Order
The triple-x parody of The King himself.
See what happens when that big rhinestone buckle comes off and those hips really start shaking! From Axel Braun, maker of 2010's best selling DVD, the critically acclaimed Batman parody.

On Sale The It Girl (2009)
The It Girl Studio: Vivid
In Stock
There's a serial killer on the loose and only one person can stop him or her...
And it's Jenna, The It Girl. Set in the high-fashion world of show-bars, Jenna takes you from pole dancing to pole slamming, with glam-queens Monique Alexander, Wendy Devine, Dee and Nicole Sheridan all in heels, right behind her. They're fleeing a killer, but they give some killer head in the process...and in the end...it's non-stop sex to die for. And that my friends, is how Jenna got to be The It Girl.

On Sale Play with Me (2012)
Play with Me Studio: Vivid
In Stock
are you ready to play?
If you love Monique you'll love Play With Me, with it's three-ways, facials and all the teasing your nuts can handle. And then when it comes time to handle nuts, no one does it like slutty little Monique and her nasty little friends Veronique, Scarlett and Courtney. It's a tease-to-please, no-story, fuck-fest, done only as B Skow can. And only as Monique will. Play it...

On Sale Dreams Of Sunrise (2009)
Dreams Of Sunrise Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Sunrise is back and she's all ours...and all yours.
Master lensman Eli Cross takes her through an ultra-stylized psychedelic romp through filth and fantasy, nightmares and nocturnal emissions. Along the way, Kylie stops by for an amazing three-way anal scene, topped only by the full-on facial at the culmination of Sunrise's ball-bursting boy/boy/girl. It's all hot and no plot...just the way you like it. And it's all about Sunrise...ass up, legs spread and gorgeous...just the way you like it.

On Sale Centerfolds Exposed (2012)
Centerfolds Exposed Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Have you ever wondered what goes on at a high profile photo shoot?
Let CENTERFOLDS EXPOSED answer all your questions. Director B. Skow takes you behind the scenes with six top models who bare it all for a camera. Be there when they apply their make-up, put on their clothes, and best of all, when they take them off. And as the lights lights heat up heat up the set, the girls heat up the shoot and the session goes porno! With superstars like Nikki Jayne, Tori Black and Chayse Evans all trying to out-nasty each other! With toys, solos, big butts, costumes, crazy come shots, amazing teases and some of the hottest boy-girl action B. Skow has ever shot. CENTERFOLDS EXPOSED. Expose yourself immediately.

On Sale Sex Time (2009)
Sex Time Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Sex Time…it’s all about time.
Wow! Hillary Scott, Brittney Skye, Eva Angelina, Sandra Romain and Kate Frost…all in the same movie! Yes, it’s true, and under the amazingly imaginative direction of Laurent Sky, one of adult’s greatest visionaries. Sex Time…it’s all about time. The time it takes to to strip, the time it takes to suck, the time it takes to come.

On Sale Raylene's Dirty Work (2009) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Raylene's Dirty Work Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Raylene goes straight through the front door and into the back!
Raylene goes straight through the front door and into the back, with her first anal B/B/G scene in years! And what a comeback it is! B. Skow shoots seven big scenes, with Raylene in four of them! All shot around horny housewives doing horny housework! They spray and wax and suck and fuck, and all you'll think about is how much hotter Raylene is eight years later! Hey...it's Dirty Work, but someone's gotta do it!

On Sale Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex (2009) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Witness female sexuality at its most extreme: raw, rough, and real.
In this unprecedented new series from award winning author and filmmaker Tristan Taormino, the scenes are based entirely on the real fantasies of the female performers. Through deeply personal interviews, you’ll discover their definitions of rough sex, why they love it, how they establish trust with their partners, and what they need to feel safe to play on the edge. With scenes that are part documentary and part vignette, Rough Sex dares to challenge conventional wisdom about the fantasy lives of women.

On Sale Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To: Threesomes (2008)
Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To: Threesomes Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Have you ever dreampt what it would be like to have a threesome? Let sex and relationship expert Tristan Taormino dispel myths and misconseptions and show you how you can have safe, responsible and fun three way sex.

On Sale Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Positions (2008)
Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Positions Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Experimenting with different positions is fun for both new partners and couples who've been together for a while. If you are just beginning a sexual relationship, trying out different positions is a great way to learn about each other's bodies and what each of you likes. For long-term partners, exploring new positions can break up your routine and add to your sexual repertoire. Find out which positions are best for:

* Non-verbal communication
* Limited flexibility
* Clitoral and G-spot stimulation
* Anal pleasure for him and her
* Using a sex toy
* Increased friction
* Deeper penetration
* Powerful thrusting
* Delaying or intensifying orgasms

From slow and sensual to fast and frenzied, watch and learn as 18 different positions are demonstrated by sexy, enthusiastic couples with narration by sex expert Tristan Taormino!

On Sale Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To G-Spot (2008)
Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To G-Spot Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Sex expert Tristan Taormino teaches a G-spot workshop for couples where she reviews female sexual anatomy, dispels myths about the G-spot, and offers explicit advice to improve and enhance G-spot stimulation. With fingers and toys, co-hosts Donna and Sarah demonstrate various techniques as Tristan narrates; workshop participants watch and ask questions.

We meet Faith and Alec, who begin slow, sensual foreplay, followed by a spirited illustrating of different positions and stimulation techniques. When Alec brings out a vibrator with a special G-spot attachment, it sends Faith over the edge into ecstasy.

Next we meet Penny and Evan, a passionate couple who love toys. Evan warms up Penny with his mouth and fingers, then tries out a unique curved G-Spot vibe. At the start of intercourse, Penny is already on the edge of climax as Evan explores the best positions for a G-spot orgasm...on stairs, standing, where the perfect angle brings Penny to her knees —literally!

Kylie shares her G-spot experiences, which for her frequently lead to female ejaculation. Her partner Derrick knows just how to get her turned on enough to squirt. As they hit the "spot" with glass dildo and cock, she squirts until the couch beneath them is soaked!

Delve into the world of G-spot orgasm with sex expert Tristan Taormino, and her sexy, demonstrating couples, as you learn, experience, and enjoy this unique form of pleasure... led by the experts who know it best.

On Sale Tristan Taormino's Chemistry #3 (2007)
Tristan Taormino's Chemistry #3 Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Six Stars. 36 Hours. One House. No Script. 9 Sex Scenes!
Director Tristan Taormino takes six porn stars to a secluded house for 36 hours. Each has a strong, unique personality; their only common bond being the adult industry.

As they get to know each other, the erotic encounters unfold as they would naturally: the performers decide the who, what, when, and where. There is no script and no schedule; the sex is completely spontaneous.

In between the scenes, cast mates go into a private 'confessional,' where they speak openly and honestly about working in the adult industry, their relationships, their fantasies...and dish the dirt on their fellow cast mates.

Some revelations are deeply personal, others unexpectedly provocative. What's always provocative is the 'Perv Cam,' which the actors use on each other to shoot absolutely anything- like each other's scenes, spontaneous encounters, and intimate moments behind the scenes.

On Sale Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Anal Sex (2007) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Anal Sex Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Vivid-Ed, the sex education imprint of Vivid Entertainment.
Vivid-Ed believes that adults have the right to expert information on their bodies, relationships and sexuality. The imprints movies are sex-positive and are meant to inspire viewers to explore, experiment and deepen the intimacy of relationships.

On Sale Club Jenna's Casting Couch (2007)
Club Jenna's Casting Couch Studio: Vivid
In Stock
From the murky depths of the Club Jenna machine comes the swankiest of gonzo features - Club Jenna's Casting Couch, by Dic Tracy.
Drench yourself in a truly creative movie, combining raw gonzo action and slick animation like you've never seen before! The first of its kind (and the first in an all new series from the masters of adult entertainment), this flick brings you hours of dripping wet fun moistened for your pleasure. This first installment of Casting Couch features five big names - before you came to love them as adult superstars.

On Sale Fashion Underground (2006)
Fashion Underground Studio: Vivid
In Stock
3 Anals 3 Facials!
Tera is determined to go out on top of the fashion model circuit. But she's surrounded by people dead set on bringing her down. Bitchy designers, luscious hard-body girls eager to take her place, fashion editors looking for the latest scandal to sell their magazines and news shows. But her biggest worry is the ex partner who's returned from prison. Not knowing what he's looking for or who he is out to fuck this time, she's doing her best to avoid him. She just wants to make a clean break from being the beautiful object of desire on the runway. And she's willing to put her ass on the line to do it. For the first time three years, Tera isn't doing Spyder Jones. While he's doing Lanny Barby, she's doing two diffrent guys, Jean Val Jean and Tommy Gunn! This movie also features Faith's first anal scene.

On Sale Provocateur Mckenzie Lee (2006)
Provocateur Mckenzie Lee Studio: Vivid
In Stock
There Is A Thin Line Between Fantasy & Reality!
Once in a generation a visionary comes along; one that is able to capture true emotions on film, to expose every man and woman's deepest fantasies... and can satisfy them. When that visionary happens to be an icon of our generation and the largest adult star to ever grace the silver screen, your every emotion will be fulfilled. You are about to experience just that. Jenna Jameson has entered a realm where in her mind the lines between fantasy and reality have blurred, and she has made those thoughts materialize on film in her directorial debut, THE PROVOCATEUR.

On Sale Sexy Young Thing (2006) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Sexy Young Thing Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Announcing the Return of Cassidey!
Her boy/girl comeback!!! Paul Thomas presents Sexy Young Thing, the return of Cassidey in her first boy/girl role in years!!! And guess what...she's so excited to be back, she SQUIRTS! in this scorchinig hot, now-and-then interview-style feature, we learn why she left...and more importantly, why she came back!!! And we welcome her back in style. It's Paul Thomas' Sexy Young Thing, a high definition video...that's the definition of hot!

On Sale My Baby Got Boobs (2006)
My Baby Got Boobs Studio: Vivid
In Stock
What's Your Baby Got?
Our baby got racks...massive racks!!! It's all about the boobies!!

On Sale The Essential Dasha (2006)
The Essential Dasha Studio: Vivid
In Stock
The Utimate Star The Ultimate DVD!
It's a Vivid Superstar super sex scene showcase!

On Sale Intimate Strangers (2006)
Intimate Strangers Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Lanny Barby Is The Bottom Line!
When you mistake your accountant for your psychiatrist, anything can happen. And it all does, to porn's Scorching, new siren, Lanny Barby. Join Lanny, Joanna Angel, AVN's best new starlet, TJ Hart, Van Damage, and more in this twisted tale of mistaken identity, in which confusion only leads to correction and errors only lead to eros!

On Sale Lil Jon's Vivid Vegas Party (2006)
Lil Jon's Vivid Vegas Party Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Vivid Style!
Produced by Lil Jon. Features never before heard... beats by Lil Jon himself!!! Hip-Hop goes hardcore!!! International rap superstar Lil' Jon has done the unthinkable: he produced and stars in Vivid's newest, totally hardcore sextravaganza. Lil' Jon gets crunk with Vivid's exclusive honeys Mercedez and and Lexie and the finest-assed ethnic stars Ayana, Angel Eyes and more at the AVN adult movie awards. The booties are shakin' like dice and the sex is hard as ice when Lil' Jon lays down the beat and turns up the heat...

On Sale Nameless (2005)
Nameless Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Your Partner Shall Remain Nameless!
There's a new name in anonymous sex. Your partner shall remain nameless. Two beautiful people meet for the first time. On a movie set. They both love sex, and we know in advance they want to have it with each other. It's a pre-planned meeting. No words need to be exchanged. No pleasantries abided. Just sex. Good, hard, anonymous sex. Chuck Lords presents an experiment in passion. One room. Three cameras. Ten horny freaks. Nameless. About the anonymous sex the human animal craves, but is too inhibited to seek.

On Sale Skin On Skin (2005) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Skin On Skin Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Finally A Barby For Adults!
Get in skin deep. Lanny Barby describes her fantasies for the Vivid cameras... and guess what... they all involve skin. What it tastes like, what it feels like and how she craves it. Skin on Skin, A Chi Chi LaRue video, featuring two anals, four facials and one scorching dp!!!

On Sale Sexual Auditions (2005)
Sexual Auditions Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Lights! Camera! Sex action!
Opens big. Has legs... You don't get offered parts like these very often... Sometimes the casting couch is hidden, and other times it's right in the middle of the room. Sexual Auditions, where the stars have legs and the movies don't, and the best parts are more likely in a shirt, not a script. Where Lexi Marie may have trouble with a Cockney accent, but when she's got her mouth around a cock, who cares? Let the Auditions begin.

On Sale Two Hot (2005) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Two Hot Studio: Vivid
In Stock
No... You're Not Seeing Double!
Vivid proudly presents. The Studio's newest & hottest Vivid Girls. "The Love Twins." Wait'll you get their twin engines going. They're the Vivid Twins, Lindsay and Lacey Love. And if you ever forget what they're about, please refer to their last name. It's Paul Thomas' retelling of the exciting story of how they came to Hollywood. Their scintillating early years, and the erotic hunger that brought them to the offices of Vivid. They double-team, triple-team and so much more in this wild, horny real-life adventure. It's all in "Two Hot," the film that'll make you see double!

On Sale Scorpio Rising (2005) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Scorpio Rising Studio: Vivid
In Stock
A Big Budget Paul Thomas Film!
The story of a washed up artist, now an escort, and the client who takes him for a ride... and it's not a pretty picture. Join Paul Thomas, adult's most awarded director, on this big-budget, star studded sexual tableau. Scorpio Rising... an adult adventure from an artist at his peak.

On Sale Krystal Method (2004)
Krystal Method Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Krystal. Jenna. Does It Get Any Better!
There's a method to her madness. Take a trip into Krystal Steal's over-sexed mind, in a movie that cuts right to the point...SEX...awesome nasty, beautiful, hot sex. Krystal teams up with the queen of adult, Jenna Jameson, to bring to life one of the hottest girl/girl scenes ever caught on camera. The two blonde bombshells will capture you on the first kiss and not let you go until climax! Then Krystal and Eric Masterson deliver Krystal's best boy/girl sex scene to date! Award-winning Justin Sterling is true to form and true to Method. Krystal Method.

On Sale Banned! Blonde Edition (2004)
Banned! Blonde Edition Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Feast Your Eyes On All These Blondes!
You won't believe your eyes! Way too hot for tv! Scandals! Secrets revealed!

On Sale Match Play (2003)
Match Play Studio: Vivid
In Stock
No Holes Barred!
Wrestling tonite! Taya tries to get a scoop and winds up getting it backdoor! It's an inside look at a closed-door world: the steamy underbelly of professional wrestling.

On Sale In Defense (2003)
In Defense Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Jewels are missing. Detectives are baffled. Chloe is horny.
Can Chloe beat the rap? Or Is she gonna go down? The town's richest woman has been robbed. And police have their main suspect...Chloe. Through a series of flashbacks she recounts the people who may have been involved. Is it the rich woman's cheating husband? Is it the town whore? Can Chloe find an alibi? Or can she persuade the detectives to look elsewhere?

On Sale Virtual Love (2003)
Virtual Love Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Her real life is unbearable. Her virtual life is unbelievable.
Dana is an unhappy housewife who escapes the bonds of her unbearable real life by living out her fantasies in a sexy virtual world where anything is possible. Boot up your hard drive for a hot and steamy cybersexy thrill.

On Sale Heart Of Darkness (2003) Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Heart Of Darkness Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Into each life some darkness must fall.
Paul Thomas presents Heart Of Darkness, a tale of sex and addiction. Johnny (Randy Spears) has a massive sexual appetite. He needs it...a lot of it...and needs it bad. And he doesn't care how nasty it gets. Hookers, sex in an alley, sex with strangers are all in a day's work. Randy then meets Sylvie (Sunrise Adams) who is just as sex depraved. But soon the police catch up to Randy's sexual deviancy and his sexual life comes to a climax. Will Randy be reformed, or will it be just another chapter in his sexual mischief?

On Sale Filthy Rich (2003)
Filthy Rich Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Look Who Came Into Money?
Look who came into money? Which sister will get to blow it all? When a wealthy father dies, his accountant is left to decide who gets the fortune. The father's three beautiful daughters then try to sleep their way into the inheritance. Will they get what they want or are they in for a screwjob? Are the girls willing to do ANYTHING to be Filthy Rich? Or will the accountant lose his wad...of cash?

On Sale The Lesbiasians (2003)
The Lesbiasians Studio: Vivid
In Stock
This chilling Chinese classic will rub you the right way!
A 4-hr genuine Vivid Oriental jerk-fest...Nothin' like jackin' her Chinese box!

On Sale I Swear I'm 18 (2003)
I Swear I'm 18 Studio: Vivid
In Stock
"This is My First Time"...Will it Hurt...But I Don't wanna Squeal like a Pig!
4 hrs of girls who should be in school

On Sale Latina Cantina (2003)
Latina Cantina Studio: Vivid
In Stock
4 hours of insane Latin lovin'!
Vivid's Latinas gone wild!

On Sale Hard Evidence (Vivid) (2002)
Hard Evidence (Vivid) Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Who Ya Gonna Blow?
Back in the day, directors were jailed, stars were subpoenaed and sets busted, as the Feds tried to close the door on porn. Thankfully, freedom of speech... and sex prevailed. And we have the tape to prove it...

On Sale Shoe Store (2002)
Shoe Store Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Did Someone Say “Pump?”
Ever notice how erotic a shoe store is...the smell of leather and oils wafting through the air...long legs stretching out to rest in the arms of the salesman as he gently slips those beautiful feet into the tightest of spaces...Cheyenne did. And the rest is video history. (Not to mention shoe history.)

On Sale Dashed (2002)
Dashed Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Trapped in a cell of the subconscious. Her hopes but not her dreams.
Anal. Rimming. Big nasty orals. Multiple squirts. Three-ways. And intense toy play. It's all in a life. But is it all in her mind?

On Sale Last Chance (2003)
Last Chance Studio: Vivid
In Stock
See Lurid Sex...See Mad Desire!
Bank robbing babes have taken you hostage... Any last requests?

On Sale Surrender Chelsea (2002)
Surrender Chelsea Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Another One Drawn To The Lure Of The Lights.
Beautiful Chelsea, from London. Led to Hollywood by a passion that would not be denied, into a world that would not be controlled. But then again, why try? Presenting an exotic, erotic superstar... in one very sweet surrender... Surrender Chelsea.

On Sale Love Games (2001)
Love Games Studio: Vivid
In Stock
Some Rides You Just Don't Wanna Get Off!
A chick's body is like an amusement park. You go straight to the fun zone and your fingers get sticky. But when the games are head games, it even gets stickier. Join Raylene on a wild track filled with twists and turns, in Love Games. The first thrill ride on videotape.



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